VIP Services


Private Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off at Your Plane!

Bounty Hunter Charters understands that your time is valuable, and you must make the most of it. A fishing charter is a great way to entertain clients, and it provides an informal atmosphere to engage in business conversation that might help "close the deal." It is also a great way to award your own employees with a company outing. We strive to provide the most professional fishing service available to you. That is why we offer complementary "VIP" airport shuttle service to those charters that prefer to fly privately. Depending on vessel location, there are various local airports that we can pick up your party from, with runaways up to 5,400 ft. and ILS capabilities. Bounty Hunter Charters can also arrange for all of your catering and lodging needs, to make for a truly all inclusive fishing experience.

Captain and Crew Services for your own boat

Are you a new boat owner, did you upgrade to a larger boat, or do you simply want a seasoned crew to help you catch more fish? We offer a variety of services, from basic boat handling and navigation to step by step instruction in making you a better fisherman. Maybe you simply want to relax on your boat with your family and not have to worry about navigating or finding the fish. Capt. Eric is a Massachusetts Maritime alumnus, with many years of navigating vessels from 20 ft. up to 864 ft. He can teach you a lot more hands on aspects of navigation and ocean savvy than you would ever learn from a limited license coastal captain or a local power squadron course. Call for a quote on the services you require.


Tournaments are adrenaline filled events where great sums of money are invested and wagered on the big fish. There is a reason why 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish: experience...skills...teamwork! We can provide a tournament proven captain and crew to give you the winning edge. Captain Eric has placed in numerous tournaments for shark and tuna over the years on vessels he has run, from 26 ft. to 65 ft. We will take care of the rigging and prepping of the vessel for the trip, all you have to do is enjoy the ride with your friends or coworkers. Call for a quote for these services.