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The main drive in Capt. Eric obtaining a bigger boat was to be able to handle the demand of his Fall Blackfish season.  The six-man boat had been sold out for years with a waiting list.  The solution was to purchase a large stable fishing platform which is still small and nimble enough to get on the smallest of pieces with surgical precision.  Capt. Eric always spreads two anchors and will fish the smallest of pieces.  By doing an Ultra Limited Load approach, there is plenty of room for all, but when on the small piece the entire group can efficiently fish the piece.  The waters we fish are a light tackle tog jigging dream.   We routinely jig in up to 70 ft of water with 1.5 oz jig, or 2 oz lead on a bait rig. 

12 hr. Coxes Ledge LIMITED LOAD   Ling / Cod / Scup / Tog/ Pollack Marathon

5 am – 5 pm    Limited to 25 passengers @ $145 pp

These marathon trips are geared toward putting the meat in the freezer.  In addition to the great Cod and Tog fishery we have on Eastern Coxes, we have an underutilized Ling fishery.  There is almost ZERO pressure on them.  The Ling and Pollack are unlimited fisheries, so make room in the freezer.  The Tog bite offshore is good all through the fall with a lot of fish in the 8-10 lb. class.  Hubcap sized Scup and Big (tog sized) Bergals are in the mix.  We do a combo of bait and jig fishing depending on the conditions.  We generally set up Shark and Tuna gear while on these trips to keep things interesting.