Monster Shark Fishing

We fish off Martha’s Vineyard our home waters. These are the same waters as seen in the movie “JAWS”. These waters are also home to the Oaks Bluff Monster Shark Tournament, and the East vs. West Tournament. Monster sharks breed and feed in these rich waters. Your best chance of catching a true monster shark is in Massachusetts.
Why choose the Bounty Hunter fleet for your shark fishing trip? During the season we have more time on the water in pursuit of sharks than any other operation. Our Captains have placed in numerous shark fishing tournaments and we have a few winning Calcuttas to our credit.
We go out of our way to provide the freshest bait available. We have our chum custom ground with our own mix. All tackle for shark fishing is provided.
We treat shark fishing like a science and the results show in our catches. We average six to eight sharks a trip so everyone in the party should get a chance on a rod. A true monster shark can take up to four hours to land; we manage to get most to the boat in thirty minutes or less. We carry an HD video recorder and cockpit mounted Go Pros so we can film your epic battle with the ultimate predator in the ocean.
Common sharks to our waters include Great Whites, Makos, Threshers, Porbeagles and Blues. We are deeply committed to conservation of this magnificent fishery. The tagging and releasing of sharks is highly encouraged. Some of our customers are thrilled to find out that the shark they released was caught at a later date after having traveled thousands of miles. We always share tagging data with our customers, if their shark is recaptured.
No experience is necessary to catch a shark with us. Beginners are always welcome. The rigging we use was developed over a period of many years by our Captains to maximize catch rates while minimizing any damage to the shark.

Monster Shark Fishing Rates


Monster Shark Fishing Rates for 2015 up to thirty miles/ten hours/six passengers maximum. $1,200
We generally encounter six to eight sharks per trip. There are times when we attract over twenty. This gives plenty of chances for the anglers aboard to have time on the rod.


Up to fifty miles/twelve hours maximum/six person maximum.